Carl Stocking

Vice President,
Fire Protection Division
EMCOR Services Team

Value Delivered

Carl is vice president of the fire protection division at EMCOR Services Team Mechanical where he is responsible for providing quality fire protection services at a competitive price and time frame to existing and prospective clients. Carl spends most of his day providing fire protection bids to local general contractors on new and remodeled construction in the commercial and residential markets. He also is in charge of promoting and selling the many fire protection services that need to completed annually as stated per NFPA, such services as fire pump testing, sprinkler inspection, back flow testing, dry systems, and clean agent systems. Carl supervises a highly knowledgeable, professional team of service technicians that ensure efficient and quality work for each job. Every technician is required to successfully complete 5 years of apprenticeship training and education specific to the fire protection industry.


Prior to joining Team Mechanical, Carl had spent 17 years with various reputable mechanical companies gaining fire protection expertise through installing and maintaining a variety of sprinkler systems. Carl is a fourth generation local 281 sprinkler fitter. He has been associated with the sprinkler fitters local since 1987 at which time he began his 5-year apprenticeship program.

The Personal Side

Carl has been married to his wife, Marilou, for over 17 years and has 2 beautiful children, his daughter, Casey, and his son, Ricky. In his spare time, he enjoys golfing, fishing, and traveling.