HVAC Equipment Replacement

Commercial HVAC boiler and chiller replacement experts

When is the best time to replace your equipment? Team Mechanical can help you decide. As a Chicago-based commercial HVAC contractor with years of experience, we can advise you on the right time to consider boiler replacement or chiller replacement. We can also advise you on any of your other commercial HVAC equipment replacement needs. 

The right time to replace a commercial HVAC system

There's a tendency to delay commercial HVAC equipment replacement—including boiler replacement and chiller replacement— for as long as possible. While this defers capital costs, it also delays savings (energy and avoided repairs), improved reliability, and an improved ability to meet current needs. Develop a strategy by considering:

  • Remaining Useful Life for all major equipment using the age of manufacture, published service life estimates, and making sure to adjust based on maintenance, run-time, and operating environment.
  • Energy Savings – Equipment efficiencies have improved significantly, so delaying replacement delays energy savings. Replacing a 15 year old packaged RTU will lead to a 25–35% immediate improvement in energy efficiency.
  • Cost of Downtime/Reliability – There is always an impact of failure. Whether it’s inconvenience, discomfort, or even a loss of revenue, it’s an important consideration when developing a replacement strategy.

Don’t delay. Call Team Mechanical today to go over your commercial HVAC equipment replacement options.