Ringwood, IL

Chemical Manufacturing Company

A high-efficiency burner resulted in major energy savings and a $65,000 rebate.

Close up view of the high efficiency burner installed at a chemical manufacturing company

Value Delivered

Due to our advanced energy applications, EMCOR Services Team Mechanical was the ideal provider for a new high-efficiency industrial burner at this chemical manufacturing plant in Ringwood, IL.

The installation immediately helped improve the facility’s energy efficiency, saving 200,000 therms in the first year. After installation, we helped the client complete and submit a rebate application that resulted in a $65,000 check from their utilities provider. Ultimately, the total cost of the project was recouped in less than a year.

Client Objectives

In an effort to make an intelligent investment in the productivity and lifecycle of their facility, this client wanted a burner that would significantly reduce energy costs and consumption.


For this retrofit, our team selected an environmentally-friendly Weshaupt burner ideally suited for this facility’s unique needs and then handled the installation phase, seamlessly integrating the new equipment with existing systems.

The project required close cooperation with the client, the burner manufacturer, and the local utility.

Client Background

This chemical plant client manufactures plastics, chemicals, and agricultural products, in nearly160 countries.