Vibration Analysis

TMI technician providing vibration analysis preventive maintenance servicesInstead of reacting to maintenance and repair needs, companies that adopt a combination of preventive and predictive maintenance practices can significantly minimize equipment malfunctions and their associated costs. Vibration analysis is one of the most cost-effective ways to spot and solve minor equipment issues before they require expensive downtime or replacement.

EMCOR Services Team Mechanical’s vibration analysis offering utilizes an equipment database of nearly 100,000 different machines. By comparing a machine’s operating history with industry thresholds and similar equipment, our experts identify emerging malfunctions long before they lead to costly system failures.

Vibration: The Problem.

When motors, pumps, bearings, fans, and other components vibrate in ways they are not meant to, continuous and uneven wear can occur. Often, these minor vibrations are invisible to the eye and difficult to detect in a routine diagnostic, which means they are left untreated until they cause a major failure.

In fact, up to 35-percent of existing equipment has some level of emerging malfunction that would go unnoticed without vibration analysis.

Vibration Analysis: The Solution.

Our vibration analysis programs implement the latest technology and processes, in order to help ensure all of your most vulnerable components are functioning their finest.

First, we establish vibration baseline based upon data gathered on your critical equipment. Then, we measure performance regularly, watching for significant baseline deviations. This allows us to detect problems and identify causes early, so clients can plan ahead and schedule appropriate maintenance procedures when they are most convenient.

Simply put, vibration analysis is one of the smartest ways to prevent major failures, minimize operational disruptions, and reduce the business impact of mechanical maintenance.

Cost and Efficiency Benefits

A predictive maintenance approach that features vibration analysis can help clients avoid many common pitfalls, including:

  • Major repairs and costly replacements from extensive machine damage
  • Unnecessary material waste from components discarded after breakdown
  • Damage to other equipment and/or parts caused by improper operation of failing components
  • Higher energy costs caused by inefficient equipment operation
  • Unnecessary maintenance costs from scheduled maintenance programs that require shutting down equipment and replacing parts that may still be functioning properly

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