Downers Grove, IL

Mixed-Use Lab and Office Space

This central heating upgrade resulted in $8,000 in energy rebates and even more energy savings.

Before and after image of the boiler system installed at a client's lab facility

Value Delivered

EMCOR Services Team Mechanical upgraded a central heating and cooling plant for high efficiency and installed a new building automation system.

The new plant provides exceptional value to the client in a number of ways, including:

  • More efficient operation, reliability, visibility, and management
  • Increased comfort for building occupants
  • Improved air quality, providing code required outdoor air for the 1st floor offices, conference rooms, and laboratories
  • Minimized disruption to client's daily operations throughout installation
  • Designed for simplified maintenance processes
  • Existing equipment demolished and removed from site to provide additional storage space on mezzanine
  • $8,000 obtained in energy rebates

Client Objectives

The client was seeking visibility into the central plant operation and reduced energy consumption that would also allow them to take advantage of energy efficiency rebates.


EMCOR Services Team Mechanical upgraded the main components of the central heating and cooling plant. The original makeup air system was nearly four decades old and the low-pressure steam boiler was over two decades old, both reaching their life span.

A new hot water condensing boiler dedicated entirely to the closed loop heat pump system was installed, as well as a new makeup air system on the roof containing a direct expansion air cooled condensing unit and a direct gas-fired makeup air unit.

The installation of a new Direct Digital Control (DDC) Building Automation System was also completed.

Client Background

This client is a major manufacturer of vacuum closures for food products. The project was completed at a building that includes office space, lab, and research and development.