Turntide Smart Motor

Turntide B_350x263.jpgAs a certified installer of the Turntide Smart Motor System, EMCOR Services Team Mechanical can help you improve the energy efficiency of HVAC equipment—cutting costs and promoting sustainability. 

The Turntide system pairs a highly advanced variable-speed motor engineered for efficiency with a cutting-edge controller that can be customized for a range of applications. 

Features of the Smart Motor System include:

  • Versatile controls software, promoting efficiency across a range of loads and speeds
  • Intuitive interface for easy access to motor data and 24/7 monitoring 
  • Built-in fault detection and alerts to improve preventive maintenance  
  • Hassle-free retrofits and installation from our certified experts
  • Innovative design to help minimize energy loss and improve reliability 
  • Enhanced indoor air quality and customer comfort

Energy Savings and Rebate Opportunities 

Along with installation, our team can also help secure rebates and incentives from your utility provider, to offset costs and accelerate ROI within 1-3 years. Through ComEd’s lucrative rebate program, we have helped clients cover as much as 70 percent of their installation costs for certain size rooftop units (RTUs). 

According to calculations from ComEd, technology like Turntide can help multiple HVAC components generate substantial energy savings. Their research demonstrated the following improvements:

  • Fan motors used 61-percent less energy
  • Total RTU energy costs were lowered by 39 percent 
  • Peak power was reduced by 21 to 50 percent 

Thanks to these energy efficiency enhacements, the Turntide Motor is also a great opportunity for us to help you improve the sustainability of your facilities and reduce your carbon footprint. 

Reach out today and talk to one of our technicians about how a motor upgrade can help you save energy and cut costs.

Check out how the Turntide Smart Motor System works.